Life Line for fixed vertical ladders 4047


Technical Features

The life line is the ideal solution for setting fixed ladders with or without cage in safety, and can be applied at a later stage also on ladders that have already been installed.

Conforms to reference standard UNI EN 795 allows use of the ladder in complete safety to reach roofs, cornices or platforms.

The versatility of the anchoring accessories will make it possible to install the Life Line at any point on the ladder.

To be used while climbing up or down a rung ladder, and for carrying out tasks directly from the ladder while standing at a height.

Can be installed on the ladder without the need for tools and without any help from a second operator on the ground.

  • Product made of INOX AISI 304 steel
  • Certified in accordance with standard UNI EN 795:2012 in Class B
  • CE marked product