Professional Scaffolds ALUPONT B74

Length 1.97 - 2.55 - 3.10 m
Width 0.74 m
Total maximum height 9.67 m


Technical Features

  • Made entirely in aluminium without nylon components to guarantee long reliability over time
  • No additional ballast required  
  • All the vertical uprights can be used as built-in ladders with rungs Ø 50 mm. with a step according to regulations of 30 cm.
  • Wheels with crush-proof nylon core and support strip, non-marking certified EN1004
  • Year of manufacture and manufacturer's brand on each piece
  • Instruction, use and maintenance manual

ALUPONT B74 can reach modest heights even in areas with very tight spaces. Designed in particular as a first work device for the professional operator who wants guaranteed safety in the most difficult use conditions. Particularly easy and fast to assembly, with automatic hooks without using tools, it offers maximum flexibility and is capable of adapting to every need.

Accessories on Request